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BMW Maintenance DVDs

This page provides links to BMW motorcycle maintenance DVDs. These DVDs have been created by private owners and are not affiliated with BMW Corporation. The DVDs are in North American NTSC format, although most PAL DVD players can play both formats. The authors live in the United States, so prices quoted here do not reflect international shipping. Contact the respective author for more information.



This 3-DVD set shows you how to perform maintenance for both the Funduro and GS models.

Method: Direct download or BitTorrent
Cost: $0

Spline Lube DVD


This DVD shows you how to remove the final drive and transmission in order to lubricate the input shaft splines. The video demonstrates the techniques on an R1100RT, but the concepts apply to any modern R-series bike.

Method: send e-mail to Ted Lucas and ask for payment instructions.
Cost: $12



This DVD shows you how to do basic maintenance on the R1200GS.

Method: Online retail
Cost: $30 + shipping

R1100GS and R1150GS


This is the companion DVD for older GS models.

Method: Online retail
Cost: $25 + shipping