Mosquito Magnet Tune-up



After approximately one year of use, my Mosquito Magnet Patriot was showing a fast-blinking red light indicating a fault code. Over time, the nozzle that delivers propane to the combustion chamber becomes clogged. You must periodically clean the nozzle in order for the unit to ignite properly. I tried using a Quick Clear cleaning cartridge, and I also tried swapping propane tanks to make sure it wasn't the propane. When both of these troubleshooting attempts failed, I decided to service it myself.

There are two excellent YouTube videos showing a teardown of the Independence and Liberty models. This article is specific to the Patriot MM4100 model.

DANGER! Use this procedure at your own risk. You are dealing with propane, flammable solvents, and electricity. I am not a certified technician. You accept all responsibility for your actions.


Note: you can click on any enlarged image below to dismiss it.
  1. Remove the hose clamp screws.
  2. Remove the four nested screws on the underside of the unit, then remove the green cowling.
  3. Remove the three screws that secure the black base to the grey cowling, then separate the guts of the machine from the grey cowling.
  4. Remove the set screw (red circle), and extract the nozzle assembly from the combustion chamber. It will be difficult to remove the very first time you do it. You may need to loosen the two adjoining screws (orange circles) to get it out. The nozzle is circled in red below.
  5. Remove the nozzle. The nozzle has a mesh filter that is threaded into it. Separate the mesh filter from the nozzle by using a wrench on the hex head indicated by the red arrow. I found adjustable wrenches worked better for this step than open-end or box-end wrenches. The picture shows the dirty mesh filter discolored from contaminants in the propane.
  6. Soak the nozzle in solvent for a number of hours to thoroughly clean it. It is not sufficient to quickly spray solvent into the nozzle and think you are done. I soaked mine in carburetor cleaner for 6 hours in the cut-out bottom of a soda can.
  7. Optionally, you can separate and clean the combustion chamber with an abrasive pad as shown in the YouTube video. I did not go to that extent, and I reckon it is only something you need to do every two years or so.
  8. Optionally, you can test the nozzle before reassembly. If you choose to do this, make sure you are outside when you test it! The YouTube video shows you how to do it. The video illustrates what happens when you don't clean the nozzle thoroughly. Note the Patriot will not emit a ticking sound like Independence model does; you will instead hear the fan speed change when it is ready to ignite. It is hard to see in the picture, but there is a continuous blue flame coming from the nozzle. This indicates that the nozzle has been sufficiently cleaned, and the Mosquito Magnet is now ready for duty.
  9. Reassemble the unit in reverse order. I find it easiest to align the rear screw (red circle) first so that the Quick Clear valve (red box) is seated against the grey cowling with no gap. Dry fit the green cowling to ensure everything fits properly.
  10. Before buttoning it up completely, I affix aluminum thermal tape (red arrows) at these two locations. The unit came from the factory with tape here, and I damaged the tape when I took the unit apart. I imagine the tape improves the suction from the fan.
  11. You should see a slow blinking red light transition to a solid red light after the 15 minute warm-up cycle. Good luck!