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Update: These events occurred in 2003. This rant remains for historical purposes only.

I like the Ahanix D.vine 3 product. The product is well made, and Ahanix technical support even answered a question prior to my purchase of the product. I was very pleased. Ahanix's resellers, on the other hand, are a different story. This is the story of one reseller, should be avoided. I'm not the only one who has this opinion. Here is a chronology of my experience with
I place my order on the website
I am notified via e-mail that my order "will ship in 4-6 weeks"
I receive no response to the following e-mail:
 To: sales at
 Date: Thu, 31 July 2003
 Dear Sir or Madam,
 I was surprised to find out that the D.Vine 3 case I ordered from your
 online store would take 4-6 weeks for delivery when it is advertised
 as "In-stock" on your website (see attached screenshot).  The D.Vine 4
 section of the website explicitly states the availability of one color
 over the other, leading me to believe that the other sections of the
 website were up-to-date.  That turned out not to be true.  I paid a
 premium for faster shipping, yet that shipping will not occur for
 quite some time.  I feel as if my expectations were not set correctly
 by your website.  I am hoping you can rectify this situation somehow
 and regain my trust as a customer.
I notice on the website that product availability is now specified during the order checkout process. The D.Vine 5 is listed as "In sotck" [sic] on the front page of the website.
I inquire via e-mail about the availability of my order. I am told:
 From: info at
 Date: Thu, 04 Sep 2003 16:18:50 -0700
 Dear: Customer
 I apologize for the delay, however I just found out that we are out of 
 stock on dvine black, the only one that I have right now is dvine silver if 
 you would like to change it for this one.
 thank you
 Customer Service
Dear Customer? They might as well have said, "Dear Enter Name Here". I respond that it is okay to substitute silver. I receive the following reply:
 From: info at
 Date: Thu, 04 Sep 2003 19:14:50 -0700

 Dear: Customer

 Thank you for your reply the order will be changes and
 shiopped [sic] out by tomorrow

 thank you

 Customer Service
The next day I receive no UPS shipping notification, and the order status on the web page has not changed.
On September 10th the following week, I am concerned that I have not received the package or a UPS tracking number. I call the phone number on the website. An answering machine greets me with a company name that is totally unrelated to or I cancel my order via e-mail.
 To: info at
 Date: 10 Sept 2003
 Please cancel this order.  I await e-mail confirmation that the
 order has been canceled and my credit card will not be charged.
I receive no e-mail confirmation of any kind that my order was canceled. However, I notice that my order has been canceled on their website.

In summary, lied to me about product availability, lied about shipping the product, and they did not respond when I canceled my order.

Now let's contrast that experience with, the site I subsequently ordered from:
 From: "Cinefx Store" <store at cinefx com>
 Subject: RE: order
 Hi Jake,
 Your order has been processed this morning, and your ups tracking number
 is:  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.  You will also receive a UPS email with the
 same information.

 Thank you for your business!
A personalized e-mail with a UPS tracking number for merchandise that is in stock. What a difference!

Update 3/2004: seems to be gone now. RIP.

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